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Wind power is the most rapidly growing energy source in the world. Increased focus on climate changes and renewable energy is supporting the wind power industry in gaining momentum. The growth in the wind turbine industry combined with explosively increasing globalization place entirely new demands on all players. The new reality requires intensified focus not only on intellectual rights, innovation processes, and process competencies, but also on market presence and the ability to act as global players.

Wind Cluster unites wind industry sub-suppliers with unique products and services to create synergy effects in relation to global presence, production, innovation, and process competencies, managing joint global marketing and sales.

Established on October 26th 2007, WIND CLUSTER® is a major player in the globalization of sub-suppliers to the wind turbine industry, aiming to be the wind turbine manufacturers' preferred supplier of electrical and electromechanical products, the one-stop-shop for key components and services of the wind turbine industry.



WIND CLUSTER® and our partners unite several hundred people with decades of accumulated experience in the field of wind energy; we facilitate their cooperation, providing expert sourcing of high-quality electronic and electromechanical components, systems, and services to the global wind industry. We help you lower your costs, increase your productivity, and make your business more effective.

By playing a central role in the globalization of sub-suppliers, we aim to be the wind turbine manufacturers' natural first choice of supplier of electronic and electromechanical products and services.

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