Aviation obstruction lights

Effective and reliable obstacle lighting is essential to ensure the visibility of tall structures to aircraft pilots under all weather conditions.

MIDSTREAM is a leading manufacturer of specialist lighting and provides smart obstruction lighting systems for various applications incl. wind turbines. 

Clients of MIDSTREAM range from major international airports, busy container ports, railway operators, large asset managers and blue chip corporates. Wind Cluster provides the sales and front desk services for wind turbine application.

Trusted by many global names to delivery projects to specification, time and budget.

MIDSTREAM believe that to make a great company, you have to offer both top-end products and superior service. Both are as important as each other.

MIDSTREAM invest into R&D to ensure that products are incorporating the latest                                                             knowledge, know-how and processes. MIDSTREAM and Wind Cluster work closely                                                                   with our clients to develop products suited to the task they are designed for, with                                                               innovation and reliability at the forefront of research.

MIDSTREAM designs and manufactures obstruction lighting systems that are                                                                       certified to international and national standards and reliable in the harshest environments.

Full range of obstacle lights for wind turbines and wind farms:
high, medium, and low intensity obstruction lights, controllers, remote monitoring, and                                                           support systems.



Low Intensity Lamp

Medium Intensity Lamp

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