Wind Cluster offers high-quality and reliable encoders specially suited for wind turbines:

  • Hollow shaft pitch encoders with optic reading technology
  • Blade encoders w/pinion gear
  • Hub positioning encoders
  • Yaw encoders


  • Extensive availability
  • Minimum of maintenance
  • Optic reading technology, preventing magnetic field influence
  • Diagnostics LED
  • Preset key with optical response and status information

Speed sensors

Wind Cluster's zero speed differential sensors for measurement of for instance hub speed and shaft revolutions are engineered with an internal magnet to switch in the presence of ferrous targets such as gear teeth and blade tips down to absolute zero speed. The sensor detects fluctuations in the magnetic field and can also be configured so the output signal signifies either the presence or absence of a ferro-magnetic target (i.e. a gear tooth).

Read more in section Zero Speed Sensors on this home page.

Redundant second absolute encoder Pitch encoder with integral bearing Speed sensor

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