Rotary Joint

Rotary joints are used when transferring hydraulic oil and other fluids e.g. from nacell to the rotating hub in turbines using e.g. hydraulic pitch system.

High quality, robustness and long lifetime of the Rotary Joint used are essential if turbines are expected to run year after year with high availability, low maintenance and to eliminate loss of hydraulic oil creating dirty and dangerous operation.

Maier Heidenhaim are one of the most experienced manufacturers of rotary joints in existence. It is a goal to maximize the quality and value of rotary joint products & services. This is accomplished by integrating the traditional and well-known core values of high quality, reliability, and safety of Maier Heidenhaim with comprehensive customer and user-driven priorities combined with a solid technological infrastructure based on proven, reliable and emerging technologies. The results are "value-added" products & solutions that satisfy customer needs !

The Maier advantage clearly results from decades of applied experience and refined quality procedures including being ISO 9001,PED 97/23/CE and for some product series ATEX 94/9/CE registered to meet customer requirements. Additionally, our the quality management system is continually improved by meeting and revising quality objectives.
Maier Rotary Joints.

Rotary joints are components connecting stationary pipes to rotating rollers and tables for transferring media under pressure and to heat or cool a system or to feed the media through for process.

Maier Rotary joints are designed for hot oil up to 390°C/734°F, hydraulic oil up to 350 bar, air up to 40 bar, chemical media, coolant up to 150 bar, vacuum and high running speeds and temporary "dry run" applications. We offer more than 10 basic series; sizes from 3 to 500 mm. The extensive experience of Maier Rotary Joints now utilized in wind turbines are gathered through years of work in the machine tool, textile, plastic, paper, rubber, food, steel, chemical, and energy industry.

Rotary joints are unessential compared to the cost of a wind turbine. But they are essential components for the performance and safety. Critical usage configurations require theoretical and hands-on knowledge with a variety of applications.

Maier has more than 50 years experience in producing rotary joints. We produce more than 1000 versions of standard and custom-made rotary joints, from single passage to multipassage, from DN3 (1/8") to DN 500 (20"). An extensive laboratory for 24h tests 7 day a week is available and makes new products running well from the very beginning.

Repair and Service

An extensive repair center is installed in Heidenheim. Failure analysis and evaluation of rotary joints as well as cost offers are part of our service. We offer repair service in our repair center and local support for customer needs. 


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